Call for Papers
for a Pageoph Topical Volume on
Applications of unmanned aerial vehicles in geosciences (link below)

PAGEOPH flyer - call for papers

Międzynarodowy Rok Mapy 2015-2016


Associated with the forthcoming 23rd Cartographic School 2016 is a special issue/topical volume of Pure and Applied Geophysics (PAGEOPH) on "Applications of unmanned aerial vehicles in geosciences". Authors of oral or poster presentations, whose papers focus on various physical problems of the Earth, will be invited to submit their manuscript to the aforementioned special issue. However, the publication may only be offered to such papers that will successfully go through a strict peer-review process, typical for the JCR journals. The manuscripts which do not fit the PAGEOPH profile, i.e. are outside the scope of PAGEOPH, can be submitted to another journal, namely Geodesy and Cartography. Obviously, such manuscripts will have to go through a strict peer-review process too.