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Latest updates:

25 May 2016
- Conference Circular 2 is now online. You can find it on Conference Circulars page.

15 April 2016
- The deadline for abstract submission (both oral and poster contributions) is now extended to 25th April 2016.


Department of Geoinformatics and Cartography of the University of Wrocław and co-organizers:

kindly invite you to participate in the

23rd Cartographic School 2016

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), often known as drones, become powerful tools for acquiring geoscientific data. The growth of a number of UAVs operating for various purposes is associated with decreasing costs of purchasing of a drone. The majority of UAV applications includes aerial observations of Earth surface using various sensors (e.g. aerial photography, aerial Light Detection and Ranging referred to as LIDAR), however drones are also used by meteorologists who utilize on-board weather sensors (e.g. pitot probe) which are often mounted for navigation purposes. Although UAVs are very popular, it is often difficult to formulate novel research problems which might be solved with the use of drones.

The objective of the forthcoming 23rd Cartographic School 2016 on "Applications of unmanned aerial vehicles in geosciences", to be held in Świeradów-Zdrój in Poland on 8-10 June 2016, is to offer a forum for geoscientific applications of drones. Since the UAV-based researches combine fieldwork with data processing, the 23rd Cartographic School 2016 will include workshop in data acquisition to be carried out in the field (two field exercises at dissimilar experimental sites) and workshop in data processing to be conducted in a room (three case studies being developed using the data acquired in the field). Apart from the workshop, three proper scientific sessions will be organized so that the participants can submit their papers and present own results on UAV applications in Earth sciences. The workshop and conference language is English.

The 23rd Cartographic School 2016 on "Applications of unmanned aerial vehicles in geosciences" will focus on the following topics.

  • UAV-based acquisition of data on Earth surface and the atmosphere
  • Applications of UAVs in hydrology and meteorology
  • Applications of UAVs to identify objects
  • UAV-based cartography

Associated with the forthcoming 23rd Cartographic School 2016 is a special issue/topical volume of Pure and Applied Geophysics (PAGEOPH) on "Applications of unmanned aerial vehicles in geosciences". Authors of oral or poster presentations, whose papers focus on various physical problems of the Earth, will be invited to submit their manuscript to the aforementioned special issue. However, the publication may only be offered to such papers that will successfully go through a strict peer-review process, typical for the JCR journals. The manuscripts which do not fit the PAGEOPH profile, i.e. are outside the scope of PAGEOPH, can be submitted to another journal, namely Geodesy and Cartography. Obviously, such manuscripts will have to go through a strict peer-review process too.